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DPO Handbook (GDPR)

The DPO Handbook (GDPR)

  • by EB 30 Dec, 2019
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Publication type Handbook
Language English, Polish
Publication date 07.2019
Number of pages 246


This first edition of the ‘DPO Handbook (GDPR)’ produced as part of the EU-funded ‘T4Data – Training for Data’ project is, we believe, something more than ‘yet another’ manual on the GDPR. It is truly a hands-on manual that was made possible firstly, thanks to the hard work and commitment shown by the two experts selected for this exercise, M.me Marie Georges and Professor Douwe Korff, who have long-standing familiarity with human rights, ICT and data protection issues, both conceptual and practical – and secondly, thanks to the knowledgeable contribution of officers and members from the five participating supervisory authorities, who have relied on their daily practice and experience in order to provide meaningful input to the guidance contained in the Handbook.

This is, above all, work in progress, living law, not just dead letter. Intended to translate the new, unquestionably more demanding tasks of accountability set out in the new EU legal framework – which are aimed at ensuring DP efficiency in a world were data processing is exploding in all dimensions of life– into practical, sound, documented guidance and advice that will be adjusted and expanded further thanks to the national training and dissemination activities that will continue throughout 2019 on the foundations of this Handbook. The addressees of this guidance are DPOs, and especially DPOs working in the public sector, who will be able to use it as a sort of stepping stone to strengthen and enhance their competence in handling data protection issues to the benefit of all the stakeholders – controllers, data subjects, and the public at large.

This is why our five authorities decided to join forces with a view to implementing the T4Data Project, and also why we are especially pleased to present this valuable project deliverable, in English and translated into our respective national languages – plus hopefully into French in the near future – knowing it will add a strong link to the chain of cooperation tools we are forging day by day at European level and worldwide.

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Douwe Korff and Marie Georges, T4Data Project, The DPO Handbook (GDPR), Guidance for data protection officers in the public and quasi-public sectors on how to ensure compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) (07.2019)

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