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Guide to the KYC360 Training Platform

  • by EB 24 Jul, 2019
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KYC360 – Riskscreen platform provides free training and resources relevant for Financial Crime Compliance professionals. In order to access the KYC360 training platform the following link may be used:

KYC360 Training Platform

KYC360 Training Platform

The KYC360 educational platform provides a free of charges content and it does not require the user registration. The platform provides:
1) regulatory updates in News section,
2) reports, articles and case studies in the Analysis section,
3) interviews and webinars in the Multimedia section.

When visiting the website for the first time the user will be requested to subscribe. In order to subscribe for the Newsletter Type your name, Type your email and press the “SUBMIT” button.

KYC360 newsletter subscription

Existing user can log in using the CPD Wallet Login (CPD – Continuing Professional Development).

Log in requirers Username or e-mail address and Password. In order to restore forgotten password, the user can select Lost your password?

KYC360 Training Platform Login

KYC360 user account provides monitoring and generating progress reports feature. In order to create a new user account, Free CPD Wallet or Register for FREE CPD Digital Wallet can be selected.

KYC360 Training Platform register

KYC360 training platform registration form requires the following user information.

First Name,
Last Name,
Business Email, and email confirmation on the right,
Full Company / Business Name,
Job Title,
Office Hours Telephone Number,
Country, and
Industry needs to be selected from the drop-down list.

KYC360 registration form

Finally, the User needs to provide Password and again Confirm Password, agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and Submit the registration form.

KYC360 progress report

My CPD Wallet allows for monitoring and generating progress reports. In order to generate a report period From, To and Show needs to be selected.

KYC360, the global financial crime and compliance knowledge hub powered by RiskScreen
Image by Aron Visuals from Unsplash

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