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KYC 360 AML Talk Show Podcast Series E16-18

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KYC 360 AML Talk Show Podcast Series hosted by Martin Woods and Stephen Platt. In this series of monthly podcasts, the host will interview key figures in the world of financial crime prevention and examine successes and failures in the global fight against money laundering and related crimes including drug trafficking, bribery and corruption, sanctions evasion, human trafficking and tax evasion.

Episode 16: Elise Bean

For nearly 30 years, Elise Bean worked as an investigator for Senator Carl Levin, including 15 years at the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations leading inquiries into money laundering, offshore tax abuse, corruption, and corporate misconduct. After Senator Levin retired, she helped establish the Levin Center at Wayne Law in his honor, and now works for the Center to help legislatures conduct oversight investigations. Elise has also authored a book: Financial Exposure: Carl Levin’s Senate Investigations into Finance and Tax Abuse.

Episode 17: George Pearmain & Louise Clayson

George is the Director of Financial Crime Strategy for the Government of Jersey. Jersey, as a leading International Finance Centre, places its responsibility to counter financial crime at the top of the jurisdictional agenda. George works with a team of experts across the Jersey authorities and wider industry stakeholders to ensure that Jersey remains a leading jurisdiction in risk understanding, risk mitigation and continues to innovate in relation to the ongoing global fight against financial crime.

George is a lawyer by background, with over 10 years’ experience in public and private sector work, and has recently worked at the FATF (the global standard setter on AML/CFT) in the Secretariat. George acts as Head of Delegation for Jersey to MONEYVAL (the European FATF Regional body) and has significant experience engaging with other international bodies, standard setters and jurisdictions worldwide on financial crime matters.

George will be in conversation with AML expert and RiskScreen CEO, Stephen Platt, discussing Jersey’s National Risk Assessment (NRA), and the implications of such NRAs for compliance professionals globally.

Episode 18: Chinali Patel and Brian Gonzales

Illegal wildlife trade (IWT) is estimated to be worth around $20bn per year, making it the 4th largest crime on a global level. Many criminal syndicates perceive it to be a low-risk and highly profitable model, and FATF and United for Wildlife Foundation have highlighted the convergence of IWT with narcotics, human trafficking, arms trade and counter-proliferation, and financial threats. IWT also fuels corruption, has serious environmental and biodiversity costs, as well as potentially significant impacts for public health and national economies. In particular, the recent high profile spread of zoonotic diseases (ie the coronavirus pandemic) underlines the importance of ensuring that wildlife is traded in a legal, safe and regulated manner, and that countries remove the profitability of illegal markets.

About KYC360

KYC360 is the global financial crime and compliance hub powered by KYC Global Technologies – one of the world’s fastest growing technology businesses committed to eliminating financial crime through smart customer screening and data analytics technology.

KYC360’s contributors include leading figures from the worlds of finance, law enforcement, academia and government.

Users of KYC360 and its free CPD Wallet include anti-money laundering and financial crime prevention professionals from the financial services industry, the accountancy and legal professions, law enforcement agencies, trans-national bodies and regulators.

KYC360 is powered by KYC Global Technologies Ltd.

Listen to the KYC 360 AML Podcast Series „Episode 16: Elise Bean”

Listen to the KYC 360 AML Podcast Series „Episode 17: George Pearmain & Louise Clayson”

Listen to the KYC 360 AML Podcast Series „Episode 18: Chinali Patel and Brian Gonzales”

Guide to the KYC360 Platform

1. Martin Woods and Stephen Platt, KYC360 – Riskscreen, AML Talk Show Episode 16: Elise Bean – Investigator & Author, Episode 17: George Pearmain and Louise Clayson on NRAs, Episode 18: Chinali Patel and Brian Gonzales on IWT (18.09, 16 and 23.10.2020),
2. KYC360 – Riskscreen, About KYC360.

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