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International Trade Basics

International Trade: Basics and Trends

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Form webinar series
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Duration 90 minutes
Language English
Certificate not available
Publication date monthly, from January to December 2020
(webinar recordings available)
Participation free of charge, registration required

Baker & McKenzie International is a global law firm with member law firms around the world. Every year Baker & McKenzie provides a webinar series discussing the latest international trade developments. This year, 17th Annual Global Trade and Supply Chain Webinar Series entitled, “International Trade: Basics and Trends” includes the latest international trade developments and updates on Trade Wars, Brexit, Trade Agreement negotiations and key Customs, Export Controls and Sanctions developments. In addition to those usual topics of Customs and Export Controls/Sanctions, we will also cover Foreign Investment Review regimes around the world.

Baker & McKenzie program of basic webinars will cover the areas of Customs, Export Controls and Sanctions. These webinars are primarily aimed at participants who are new to Global Trade and/or those who would like a refresher. All webinars will begin at 11:00 AM Eastern (US) and are scheduled to run for approximately 90 minutes.

Date 28.01.2020
Title US, Brazil, EU China Trade Policy and FTA Update plus Brexit
Speakers Stu Seidel (Washington, DC), Marcelle Silbiger (Sao Paulo), Jon Cowley (Hong Kong), Jenny Revis (London), and Meera Rolaz (London)
Date 25.02.2020
Title Basic: How to Classify Your Products (Customs)
Speakers Jose Hoyos-Robles (Mexico City), John Foote (Washington, DC), Olof Johannesson (Stockholm), Andrew Rose (London), and Riza Buditomo (Jakarta)
Date 31.03.2020
Title Foreign Investment Review Regimes Around the World: Focus on US, UK, Germany, Italy, and Canada
Speakers Sylwia Lis (DC), Ross Evans (London), Anahita Thoms (Dusseldorf), Antonio Lattanzio (Rome), Yana Ermak (Toronto)
Moderator Rod Hunter (DC)
Date 28.04.2020
Title Basic: Key Compliance Issues under US, EU, and China Export Controls
Speakers Lisa Test (Washington, DC), Ben Smith (London), Jenny Pan (Shanghai)
Date 19.05.2020
Title Restricted Parties Screening: Compliance Issues and Best Practices under US, EU, and Canadian Trade Sanctions and Export Controls
Speakers Meghan Hamilton (Chicago), Alexandra Alberti (London), Brian Cacic (Toronto)
Date 23.06.2020
Title Basic: How to value your products (Customs)
Speakers Kevin Nordin (London); Jaap Huenges Wajer (Amsterdam); John McKenzie (San Francisco); Ivy Tan (Kuala Lumpur)
Date 28.07.2020
Title What you need to know about importing into Africa, China, Russia and the Middle East (Customs)
Speakers Virusha Subban (Johannesburg), Tina Li (Shanghai), Vladimir Efremov (Moscow), and Laya Aoun Hani (Dubai)
Date 25.08.2020
Title Basic: Key Compliance Issues under US, EU, and Canada trade Sanctions
Speakers Callie LeFevre (Washington, DC), Sven Bates (London), Quentin Vander Schueren (Toronto)
Date 29.09.2020
Title Customs Audits and Latest Customs Developments
Speakers Andrea Dieguez (Mexico City) Nicole Looks (Frankfurt), Kelvin Hong (Kuala Lumpur), John Foote (Washington, DC)
Date 27.10.2020
Title Basic: How to determine the origin of your products (Customs)
Speakers Jessica Mutton (London), Mariana Rojas (Mexico City), Eukyung Kim Shin (Chicago), Weng Keong Kok (Hong Kong)
Date 24.11.2019
Title Hot Topics in US, EU, Russian Trade Sanctions and Export Controls
Speakers Inessa Owens (Washington, DC), Derk Christiaans (Amsterdam), Julian Godfray (London), Alexander Bychkov (Moscow)
Date 15.12.2020
Title What you need to know about importing into Mexico, Brazil and Argentina (Customs)
Speakers Veronica Rejon (Guadalajara), Alessandra Machado (Sao Paulo), and Esteban Ropolo (Buenos Aires)

Start the Baker & McKenzie training „2020 International Trade: Basics and Trends”

Additionally, Baker & McKenzie provides guidance through professional blogs on:

EU and USA sanctions

Regulatory compliance

Finally, the monthly newsletter covers regulatory changes around the world i.e. Poland, EU, USA

Newsletter „International Trade Compliance Update”

See also the Abrigo webinar on the Evolution of Trade-based Money Laundering (TBML)

1. Baker & McKenzie International, 2020: International Trade: Basics and Trends,
Baker & McKenzie International, International Trade Compliance Update.

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