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Compliance and Sustainability

Compliance and Sustainability

  • by EB 16 May, 2020
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Refinitiv is hosting a two-webinar series on the blurring lines between Compliance and Sustainability and the impact on Third-Party Risk programmes. At a time when governments are seen as too slow to respond to some critical changes in society, will Corporates increase their focus on the pressing issues on the agenda, responding to clients’ interests and public opinion? How is this impacting Third-Party Risk programmes? Who “owns them” and how should their focus evolve?

During this first of two webinar series on Third-Party Risk, we will discuss the following topics:
1) The Why and how of the convergence between Compliance and Sustainability,
2) Corruption, human rights abuses and environmental regulation. Why companies need to worry about these issues in their supply chain and in their Third-Party Risk relationships? Who owns that responsibility today and who will own it tomorrow?
3) Where is the regulatory framework heading in terms of Corruption and the ESG agenda? What are the regulatory drivers for Third-Party Risk today and how can we expect them to change?
4) If reputational matters are increasingly important, what types of topics are at the top of corporations’ agendas and how will this differ across industries?

Watch „Where Compliance ends and Sustainability begins”

Read also the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct

Alison Taylor, Ethical Systems, Robert Blood, Sigwatch, Ibtissem Lassoued Al Tamimi & Company and María Sanchez-Marin Refinitiv, Where Compliance ends and Sustainability begins, Third-Party Risk Webinar Series (28.04.2020)

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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